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Winning Sports Betting Strategies

Since I touched a bit on sports betting as one of the ways through which I earn my living as an online gambler in a previous post, I feel it’s imperative to go into a bit more detail about my winning online sports betting strategies. Some of the males in our circle of friends still just honestly believe that I’m into sports as much as they all are, particularly football, but it’s not really like that.

When I jump up in sheer joy that Leicester City wrapped up the 2015/16 English Premier League, trust me, it’s definitely not because I’m a fan of the Foxes, which leads me to my first strategy of betting on the underdog.

Upsets Pay Best

On any sports betting wager which is usually made of a predetermined selection of matches, there are some results which the most ardent of sports fans and supporters expect to go a certain way. I’ll use football as my example from now on because that is indeed the sport I mostly choose to bet on. So whenever an unexpected result happens, there aren’t many people who would have predicted those results and so the jackpot prize is shared amongst fewer people.

Make sure you’re always in line to get your share of the big jackpot by always incorporating a bet on the unexpected results. I’ll give you a hint – based on league positions, you can use the higher ranked team as the one which is expected to win. I kid you not, on wagers featuring ten matches or more, about 40-60% of the results don’t go according to what everyone expected, so if you can place bets on about 40-60% of the combinations in favour of the underdogs winning, at some point along the line you will win big, alone!

Be Consistent

Consistency is key as well and it’s a sports betting strategy which builds on from the previously explored one of focussing on results which favour the underdogs. So if for instance you bet on the same combination (you have to choose a combination, regardless of which teams are featured in every next wager) of 40-60% of the underdogs getting favourable results, bet every week or as frequently as the games in the league come.

Never miss a wager because that is how you make sure you’re in line to profit from some of those freakish results which happen very few times over the duration of the season.

In the Spanish La Liga for example, the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid average about 3-4 losses per season. You don’t know when those losses are going to come, but if you’re consistent with your bets on a certain percentage of the underdogs winning, you’ll always be in line to perhaps guess right on one or more of those 3-4 occasions. Imagine a weekend where both Barca and Real lose (or draw) and you have a sports-betting wager ticket with correctly predicted results!

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