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Group-Gambling Clubs Make More Money

The life of a pro-gambler is a rather precarious one, especially once you’ve successfully managed to make it your full-time income earning channel. Things get particularly perilous when any personal conversation inevitably off-ramps onto careers, which is why I like to mix it up a little and go as someone who’s “operating in the financial industry.” Technically it’s true – I mean online gambling and online trading both fall squarely into the financial industry bracket, perhaps spilling over into entertainment as well. Try avoiding coming across as someone who has a gambling problem when upon being asked what you do for a living by your suitor you reply with the bombshell that you’re a professional gambler! It’s near impossible – it’s a GAMBLE!

Anyway, what I’m getting at with today’s topic is that even if you’re a truly accomplished pro gambler, at some point you’ll ask yourself whether the point you’re at is indeed as good as it gets. Does it get any better than this? Is there any progress beyond the steady average monthly income you manage to generate through hedged sports bets, trades, and structured sessions on online casinos? This applies even to those pro gamblers who regularly take part in big gambling tournaments with big prize money rewards such as poker tournaments and the likes. At some point you question whether or not there are any ways to grow beyond what has become a solid way of making some consistent monthly earnings.

Join or Form Group-Gambling Clubs

The most unsophisticated form of a group-gambling club is that of a group of mutual friends who decide to make a good night out of hitting the casino, particularly those who enjoy bingo games, roulette games, and other games of that sort – games which involve some or other means of winning which is dependent on effectively picking winning numbers. The money everyone will be spending is essentially pooled together and then “divided up” among each of the players. It doesn’t have to be divided up equally and can be divided up on principle. The idea is that in playing games such as the roulette, bingo, blackjack, or even the slots machines, each of you tries to play in such a way that the most odds of winning are covered. So if you’re playing the roulette for instance, between all of you, you’ll be collectively placing bets on more numbers, thereby increasing the odds of one of those numbers landing as the lucky one. The collectively accumulated winnings are then shared equally amongst all the members of your little gambling club.

If you’re a professional gambler though, think of the implications of forming a gambling club with other fellow pro gamblers. You can collectively make a lot of money, putting your heads and strategies together and also increasing your collective odds of winning through group-participation.

If you can’t find a group-gambling club of professional gamblers to join, start your own.

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