Consistency Pays in Finances and Gambling

It may appear to be somewhat counterintuitive mentioning the world of finances in the same sentence as gambling, but if you come to really look at it, most of what goes on in the finance industry is not all that different from gambling. In fact, with measures such as stimulus packages, Quantitative Easing (QE), bailouts and the likes driving speculation in the markets and things like share buy-backs, one can come right out and refer to the finance industry as outright gambling.

Think about it – most of the economy’s money is concentrated on the Stock Markets where nothing much of real value is being created. Money’s essentially changing hands between speculators who call themselves traders, while the brokers pocket commissions and in many instances become extremely wealthy in this way.

This is not unlike a casino – gamblers essentially bet against each other and the house, albeit in a much more direct way, but the house always wins so it goes back to betting against each other again. Whether you’re trying your luck over an online gambling platform or if you prefer to hit the polished floors of a physical casino, what will ultimately pay you well is consistency.

What Do I Mean by Consistency?

Understand that gambling is all about odds, especially if you want to go beyond merely trying your luck and actually making some consistent gains through gambling, whether it’s direct gambling at the casino or online, or if it’s more indirect gambling via the finances industry, such as shares trading or playing the derivatives. The odds say that a specific amount of money goes back to the gamblers and if you’re consistent with three things, namely your gaming strategy, your gaming platform, and the amount of money you take a chance with, you’ll be able to predict (with great accuracy) when it is that the cycle will pay you back. This is when you can step things up a bit and go big, but never “all in.”

A gaming strategy needs to be developed on an individual level, but a simple example of a gaming strategy could be something like choosing a specific set of numbers you’re going to stick to religiously while playing the roulette, or perhaps placing minimum bets on four out of every five spins at a specific slots machine, going big to try and win the progressive jackpot with every fifth spin. Strategies can get more sophisticated than that, but the key is just to demonstrate the need for you to be consistent.

Take that consistency over into the gaming platform to be used, such as a specific game on a specific online gambling site, or perhaps even a specific set of slots machines or tables at a specific casino. The last area in which consistency is needed is with regards to the amount of money you play with, as mentioned, which is straight-forward enough. Example, I bet with one credit on four out of every five spins, then bet with maximum credits (whatever the maximum is) on every fifth spin.

You may miss out on a lot of big wins along the way if you practice this type of consistency, but what you will enjoy is a steady stream of gains from the unlikely source of gambling, even if it’s not in a casino, but rather in the financial industry.

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