Taking Advantage of Emailed Courtesy Offers

Being present and active in the online gambling world has some drawbacks, mainly having to provide your email address to be able to sign up. There are obvious reasons for this (identification, verification etc), but what it also does is open your email up to the potential of an influx of marketing emails, eshots and junk.

I hesitate to use the word ‘junk’ when referring to emails that are sent by online gambling sites. Because a lot of the time, they’re not completely useless and actually offer great deals and other courtesy offers. Rather than automatically marking them as spam, or unsubscribing completely from them, I’m suggesting you keep them coming. Here’s why.

Introductory Offers

These can be offered when you first sign up to a site, or when you are invited to unlock premium areas and features of an online gambling site. They often suggest paying a little bit more to get the most out of the site, but at a heavily discounted rate. These are great for if you want to take your betting up a level but don’t want to pay the premium fee.

Free Stuff

Be wary of this point. Sometimes, websites sell information to potentially dangerous companies or organisations, so make sure you always read the privacy policy or terms of use on a website. However, sometimes, these seemingly too good to be true deals are legitimate and can give you access to tonnes of free prizes – just for being on the mailing list! Analyse the email closely and beware of any phishing attempts.

Free Credit

If you’ve been a member of an online gambling site for some time, you may get special offers sent directly to you. These can be anything, from small sums of bonus credit to deposit match bonus, limited time offers. If you keep an eye out for free credit offers, you can double, triple or quadruple the amount of money you have to play with on certain sites.

What I would always suggest is setting up a dedicated email to sign up to online betting sites with. This helps you to separate the influx of emails and offers from any personal emails that are important for everyday life. I also have a spreadsheet that details who sent me the email, the date, the offer and whether I’ve taken advantage of it or not. It’s great for helping me keep track of which offers I’ve already used up and which I’ve yet to take advantage of. It’s also useful for working out who is giving me the best offers and how regularly. Special offers aren’t the be all and end all of online casino membership, and I’m not suggesting you delete your account on sites that never send you offers. But it’s important to keep in mind who is valuing their customers the most.

Lastly, just remember to stay safe on your emails, phishing is still very much a think and you should analyse all offers and emails for any suspicious activity.

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