Online Gambling Safety

Staying Safe While Gaming Online

Since online gambling amongst other forms of online gaming is purely about money and the flow of money, online gamblers are a prime target for thieves looking to steal money online. There’s a rather sophisticated network of hackers, phishers, scammers and con-artists who have made it their full time job to try and find a way to steal money around online gambling sites.

They try to steal from the online gambling sites themselves as much as they try to steal from online gamblers, but since the gambling platforms naturally have some of the best security you’ll ever find on a website, the online cash thieves know that their best bet at succeeding in stealing cash is if they target gamblers.

Some common vigilance always goes a long way and should be enough to protect you from being a victim of online currency theft.

Use Payment Processors

If the option is available to you, use online payment processors to fund your online gambling accounts. PayPal may not be a popular option for this, but the likes of Skrill will even recommend some online gambling sites. This way you won’t have to risk sensitive details such as your credit card number being intercepted.

Use a Dedicated Pre-Paid Credit Card

This is perhaps the best way to make sure that your entire bank account won’t ever get completely cleaned out if online currency thieves manage to get a hold of your payment details. Load it up only with the amount you plan to fund your online gaming account with.

Make Sure your Antivirus is Up to Date

While the online gambling platforms do indeed have very tight security, hackers will try to exploit vulnerabilities you have on your own device. Make sure your antivirus is up to date as modern antivirus software has built-in protection against phishing attempts and the likes.

Never Log-In via a Link

One of the most cunning ways through which hackers try to get hold of your details so that they can steal the money you have in your online gambling platform is through a phishing attempt that’s carried out via email. You’ll likely get a link which is purported to be from your online gaming platform, ultimately prompting you to enter your login details in what turns out to be a fake version of your online gambling platform’s site. Always log-in via visiting the home page and look out for the green lock in the browser’s address bar, which confirms that the connection is a secure one.

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