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Free Games and Demos Are NOT a Waste of Time

If online gambling just makes for a bit of occasional fun for you, or indeed if you’re a bit more serious about it and want to become a full-time professional gambler (it’s possible), you may have come across a number of offers for you to play some free games. The online trading equivalent of these free games is a demo account. Who’d waste their time playing free games and trading on demo accounts, right? Except they’re not a waste of time.

Free games and demo accounts are literally where the gold lies. You just have to know how to take full advantage of these types of platforms in order to hone your skills as a pro gambler or trader. I mention traders alongside gamblers because that’s essentially what trading is. It’s gambling at the end of the day, especially if you trade CFDs (Contracts For Differences).

What to Look Out For

One of the main reasons why most people feel that free games and demo accounts are a waste of time is the fact that they’re not exactly an exact model of the real thing. If you’re trading CFDs with a demo account for instance, loaded up with lots of demo money, you’ll notice a big difference between the demo account and trading with real money. It suddenly gets real and you realise that you don’t quite make money as easily as you did trading in demo mode.

The same applies to playing free casino games online, especially those which are more enjoyable. You get the sense that you can just play a fun online casino game and win money very easily, which is true to a certain extent, but when you start playing with real money some subtle changes come into play.

Apart from your heart rate increasing with the realisation that you could either win big or lose just as big, the one major difference is that you can’t start all over again once you’re out of money. This is where the pro gamblers get separated from those for whom gambling is just a bit of fun with the slight prospect of perhaps winning some money.

When it comes right down to it, free games and demo accounts are indeed a training platform of sorts, which can be made more valuable by simply playing or trading with the same amount of “demo money” as you would with your own, real money. Pro gamblers who love free bingo for instance tend to be particularly adept at using their free credits for hours upon hours of what is essentially their online gaming “education.” They learn a lot from the free games and then capitalise in a big way upon making the transition into playing with real money.

Sometimes though all it is is a bit of good fun, which is also not a waste of time at all.

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