Making Money Online Gambling

Can You Really Make a Living Through Online Gambling?

The short answer is “DEFINITELY,” and I’m living proof of that, otherwise it is indeed a legitimate question to which the answer is in the affirmative. If you are serious about anything really, you can find a way to make money out of it and you can take that on good authority because it isn’t mere hearsay.

Invest The Time

The first step to building up online income revenue streams that come in via gambling platforms is to professionalise your efforts. It’s no longer just about taking a chance and having a bit of fun online which might just pay off – no.

I won’t lie, as much as I do enjoy some of the online gambling I occupy myself with on a professional level, the fact that a lot of planning, analysis and tweaking goes into it sort of takes the fun out of it. That said however, I do have a little kitty which I set aside for some real chance-taking. Gambling with this little stash of money brings all the fun back into it because then I just place bets and spin without putting too much thought into it.

If you do indeed want to make a living through online gambling, professionalising your operation by investing the time to learn the basics of how the gambling world works is the best way of doing it. Just by spending time on a specific gambling site for example, you could learn about something like a specific hour of the day which generates the biggest and most frequent winnings, or perhaps when new and “not so good” players have joined something like a live poker room which you can take full advantage of as a more skilled and experienced player.


I know I sound like one of those mysterious “experts” brought into business and money shows to give their two-cents worth on hot topics with my use of terms such as “diversifying,” but these are not just mere terms. I was never really interested in sports in the same way a guy I once dated was obsessed with, but I’ll bet you a hundred quid I know more about the coming games of the weekend than he does.

Seriously, we could call him up right now and his knowledge of what’s to come will fall short of the information I’m armed with, simply because I make it my business to diversify my online gambling avenues as much as possible. Online sports betting has become a favourite of mine because while I slug it out (in an unfair fight) with some newbs in the live poker room and place strategic auto-bets on the virtual roulette tables, having figured out the best betting odds on the various sporting results is the online gambling version of investing in a passive income stream, much like buying shares baskets or investing in property.

Because of diversification, I’m yet to have a serious losing weekend – counting from the day I had it all figured out onward, of course.

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Making a living gambling isn't easy, but it certainly is fun! I'm Josh and I love a good gamble (responsibly, of course!). I enjoy finding the best deals, the best odds and the best online sites and casinos. Catch me at the blackjack table!