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Are Gambling Sites Legitimate?

Questioning the legitimacy of online gambling platforms is definitely something which should come naturally to anyone seeking to kick-start their efforts of becoming a professional online gambler. Beyond actually trying the site out yourself, all one really has to go on is what the online gaming platform itself claims about its credibility along with users vouching for it.

Which illegitimate platform would come clean about its lack of credibility though and as far as the users vouching for these sites go, how sure can you be about the legitimacy of those users? After all, there are some users who make most (if not all) of their money through the affiliate programmes of the gaming sites they promote and they hardly every gamble themselves, if at all.

Determining the legitimacy of an online gambling platform is in no way an exact science, but there are a couple of things to look out for in pre-determining their legitimacy.

Physical Equivalent

If an online casino is essentially an extension of a physical one which already exists, then you can almost be 100% sure it’s legit. All you have to really consider is whether it’s the official online version of the physical casino it claims to represent. Otherwise physical casinos don’t want to mess up their reputations by running an illegitimate version of their traditional operation online. This is not to say a gambling platform which operates exclusively online makes for an automatic case for illegitimacy, however.

Secure Server Location (SSL) Certification

The fact that a site which stores your personal information along with sensitive information like your credit card details takes the initiative to secure your connection with their site speaks a lot about its legitimacy. An SSL certificate does more than just demonstrate an online gambling site’s warranted focus on security however, but can also serve to validate the legitimacy of the site by way of confirming important info such as its location. An SSL certificate usually displays the confirmed information of the site’s official credentials, such as the parent company’s name and perhaps the registration details of its domicile country.

Beyond that it really just becomes about taking a chance with not too much money, unless the site has been online and running for a good few years. You can only learn through your own experience whether they actually pay out winnings or not, whether gamers actually win or not, etc., so starting out with a little bit of money is a great way to gauge the site’s credibility.

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