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An Inside Look at How Online Gambling Sites Gain Critical Mass

For those who don’t know what it is, critical mass is the minimum viable number of users which makes an online platform such as a gambling site, social network, etc. work the way it was intended to by the developers. It must “work” in this way without the need for the webmasters, site owners and developers to create the illusion that the online platform is fully functional with real, independent users. Since my blog is indeed mostly about making money online as a professional gambler, you’ll be happy to learn that I was never aiming to go down the path of exploring how online gambling sites gain critical mass just for the sake of it. I think more budding online gamblers read this blog than gambling site owners, so it’s from that point of view; why it’s important to understand how these new online gambling sites gain critical mass.

Giving Away Free Money

New online gambling sites like to give away signup bonuses as perhaps the most popular way of quickly building up critical mass. Yes, the bonus comes on condition that you make your first deposit, but I find this to be a great way to take advantage of the process of new gambling sites building up critical mass. Sites which are effectively still “finding their feet” can be taken advantage of in many ways, legally of course.

Big and Frequent Winnings

In order to generate interest to attract more users and in order to keep the gamers they’ve managed to garner, new online gambling sites need to show their platform to be a genuine one, in other words one on which gamers can actually win money. So in addition to promoting more winnings through the various games they offer, they usually also hold complementary competitions with great prizes given away. Most of those prizes come in the form of some handsome sums of money and with lots of regular promotions beyond the process of them building up critical mass, professional gamblers get a huge chunk of their extra earnings through these promotions.

Affiliate Programmes

I particularly love promoting new and even established online gambling sites via their affiliate programmes because it’s just another way of making extra money without gambling directly. But yeah, this is one of the ways through which they try to build up critical mass. So if for example I share my affiliate link and a new gamer signs up through it, I get paid some bonus credits into my account and by now you should be fully aware of the fact that I love getting “free money.”

Gaming Bots

To make up for what they’d naturally hope is a shrinking shortfall, online gambling platforms deploy gaming bots to create the illusion that the site already has critical mass. Gaming bots are specifically deployed in games such as poker, where players can pit themselves against other “players.”

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