Going all in

Giving Yourself the Best Chance of Winning

Make no mistake about it, you can effectively win a lot of money very quickly through online gambling, or any form of gambling for that matter, but you can also lose large sums of money just as quickly, perhaps even quicker. You should be under no illusions and it must be clear that with every equivalent of a spin, you have a bigger chance of losing money than winning. Furthermore, every loss which hits you is often much bigger than any win you manage to get on every equivalent of a spin and if you understand these basics then you have a future in the often very misunderstood world of online gambling.

Play With Your Mind, Not With Your Heart

So if you are indeed to give yourself the best chance of winning you need to take the emotion out of your online gambling efforts. Don’t get carried away. Work on your ability to control your heart rate – not in the biological sense like a cold-blooded reptile, but rather by way of your decision making. When your heart is beating fast you’re more likely to play on impulse, placing what turns out to be a useless bet or spin in the grander scheme of things. So just sit it out or bet low and wait for your heart rate to return to normal after the excitement dies down.

Never Go “All-In”

This doesn’t only apply to playing something like Texas Hold ‘em Poker, which is indeed the game from which the phrase comes, unless of course if you’re just taking a chance and largely gambling just for fun with any winnings counting as a welcome bonus. One thing I’ve learned is that if your aim is to reach a stage where you can say that you generate consistent amounts of good money though online gambling, it’s that you need to learn how to be patient.

Seriously, experience is what really counts here because with every other spin or placed bet, what grows into a winning strategy develops. I have about two or three online gambling platforms which I frequent as my main source of consistent winners, but whenever I try out a new platform with the aim of adding it to my list of regulars, there are some prolonged periods of betting really, really low or even playing for free just so that my winning strategy can reveal itself to me.

If you can master these two pieces of advice, you’ll understand that it’s a long-term thing, therefore playing on the law of averages and subsequently giving yourself the best chance of winning.

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