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Every Pro Gambler Needs a “Try Your Luck” Kitty

I’ve mentioned it briefly before while discussing another topic, but yes, every professional gambler does indeed need what I call a “try your luck” kitty. This is just some money you set aside to engage in pure gambling to complement your regular gambling exploits. To the casual gambler it may all seem like the same thing, but it really isn’t.

Professional gamblers are more than just gamblers. We don’t just deposit money into our online gambling accounts and effectively take blind chances. A lot of planning, strategising, analysing, tweaking, refining and record-keeping goes into the efforts of being able to say you consistently make money as a pro-gambler. We’re more like record-keepers with a flair for statistical analysis.

Bringing the Fun Back Into Gambling

Fundamentally, a try-your-luck stash of money is all about bringing the fun back into gambling. Yes, most online games already try to make the process fun through features such as themes, merchandising (some games are branded with popular superheroes, movie titles, etc.) and music, but when you’re in it purely for the money, even all those frills tend to take a bit of fun out of it. I personally love to dedicate the first three-and-a-half weeks out of every month to get through all the serious stuff and pile up the regular cash, but I’ve had to adjust things a bit because I noticed a spike in participation during weekends, particularly in the evenings. The more people there are playing, the bigger the progressive jackpots get on the slots games, while opportunities for one to try luck with no deposit bingo and other numbers games like the roulette increase as well.

A kitty gives one some leeway to go a bit crazy and rely purely on any bit of luck they may have and this is where the biggest winnings come from, actually.

How to Play with Your “Try-Your-Luck” Kitty

Go mad with this kitty, trying your luck in every game you can. This is some money you’re not afraid of losing and money which you should in fact take chances with on the basis that it’s money you’re willing to lose – money you are GOING TO LOSE. Any winnings which materialise should be treated as a bonus. This is what gambling is all about – pure chance-taking.

Otherwise those of us who have professionalised gambling with the view of bringing in consistent and growing earnings each moth spend most of our time perfecting and refining our strategies. I mean just how much fun can a game like the roulette be really if you’re playing it online? We just love playing these games because they’re the types of games where it’s all about odds-analysis. Over a certain period of time, a strategy which takes advantage of how the odds work generally tends to yield steady gains, but these gains are extremely slow.

I might log in to play for a total period of over five hours in one session and logout having only made a small increment of less than £100! That may appear to be very small to the unsuspecting onlooker, but these small incremental gains add up over the long-term. Although steady and “safe,” it’s boring and tedious, which is why you need that “try-your-luck” kitty.

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