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Why Physical Tables are ALWAYS Your Best Bet at a Casino

As much as I can honestly say that I’ve pretty much figured out how to make online gambling pay consistently for me, if it was possible to teleport to a physical casino as quickly as it takes to log into my online gaming account, then that’s exactly what I’d do.

The truth is physically visiting a casino gives you much more realistic odds of walking away a winner more often than you lose, but that’s not to say online gambling is a complete lost cause, or even the slightest bit of a lost cause for that matter. What I’m getting is that while it is possible to consistently rake in handsome winnings via an online gambling platform, you have much better odds to work with if you visit a physical casino.

Yes, take this as a confession that my online gambling efforts are indeed carried out in cyberspace as a matter of convenience – that and the fact that when I do actually hit a physical casino, it’s more about enjoying a nice night out as opposed to purely being in it for the money when I do it online. I do like to be able to order a drink at the tables or while seated at the slots machines and that buzz that comes with the physical sound of money being won and lost makes it that much more enjoyable.

Getting back to the matter at hand though, your absolute best bet at winning resides atop the casino tables, which include the likes of the Roulette and Blackjack. I’d have included craps as well for my North American and Asian friends, but anything which involves shooting dice only mounts the odds of winning against you. Granted, playing the tables won’t make you an instant millionaire in the same way that playing something like the slots would, as there’s no progressive jackpot or extra spins.

For someone like me who uses statistical analysis strategies alongside legal card-counting techniques for the roulette and blackjack respectively, it is indeed an odds game and it’s an odds game in the purest sense of the term. You have a human croupier and are not subjecting yourself to some algorithm programmed machine which is designed to only give back a set portion of winnings to gamers.

Once you’ve perfected your strategy, the tables offer the most realistic chance of slowly building up your winnings and that is why the tables are indeed always your best bet.

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