Bingo isn’t just for old ladies anymore! Thanks to online bingo becoming so accessible and with most sites offering the game fully automated, it’s never been easy to dab your numbers and shout ‘Bingo!’ to the high rafters.

Nowadays, you can even win pretty sizeable amounts and with low deposits and generous bonus schemes, it’s one of the lower cost forms of gambling (within reason!). The big bonus of online bingo though is its ease. There is no skill required for automated bingo, there’s no listening out for numbers, finding the numbers and keeping up with the calls, it’s all done for you on the site.

So let’s break down the basics of bingo and how to make the most of it online.

Accessing Funds

Like most online gambling games, bingo uses features such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, cheque etc to manage any funds going in or out of an account. You need to think about which method is going to suit you best and it would be wise to stick tot hat method throughout. Obviously, if you want to just keep all your funds in your bingo account and keep playing that’s fine! But sometimes, you’ll want to withdraw that money and spend your winnings! Make sure you have a valid bank account or PayPal set up to receive any withdrawals.

However, make sure you find out what the minimum withdrawal is from the sites you choose to use. Sometimes, the sites have ridiculously high minimum withdrawals and it can take a long time to get to the point where you can withdraw and enjoy your money. If you only ever want to play with small sums, search for the sites which let you withdraw at any time. The method of withdrawal can also affect the minimum withdrawal so make sure you read any terms and conditions fully before investing in a membership and making a deposit.

Social Aspect

Historically, one of the best things about bingo for the people that played the game was the social aspect that came along with it. Gathering with friends at a social club or bingo hall could make for a great night out with the possibility to win money!

This social aspect doesn’t have to be lost in the online world. The best online bingo sites have a chat feature that allows you to speak to other people who are playing for the same pot. You can still make friends and have a chat with other like-minded people who are playing the same game.

You can even have private pots with friends you already have, inviting them to join a game that is just for you. these normally require a minimum number and the numbers can get pretty sizeable. So the smallest I’ve ever seen required is about 30, and organising these can be a bit of a nightmare. It’s best to just all join the same game if you want to play with people you already know.

Bingo on the Go

Thanks to this ever-connected world we live in, it’s easier than ever before to take bingo with you on the go. Sometimes, using smartphones and tablets provides a much easier and user-friendly experience than having to sit at a laptop or computer and stay in one place while playing. You can even leave the app provided running in the background so you can play without even interrupting your day!

For this reason, when deciding which bingo site to sign up to, choose one that offers a nice-looking and easy to use app. It’s a nice option to have for when you want to bingo on the go.

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